Wednesday, June 3, 2015


A quick note for all advertising “idea” people that are looking for a creative method to promote your clients’ brands: Now is your One-Stop Resource for 3-dimensional signage fabrication for our fleet of Mobile Billboards Advertising Trucks.

As the OOH media industry is stepping up its game in innovation, is leading the way for the mobile billboard category. With over 15 years of quality mobile billboard experience targeting the east coast, no other company will give you more bang for your buck!

3-Dimensional billboards are an emerging new medium that has evolved from the traditional media of 2-dimensional billboards. 3D billboard construction used to be a time consuming and expensive endeavor, but with the amazing technological advances in recent years, the process has become significantly more convenient and affordable, allowing advertisers to take advantage of this creative new medium.

The appeal of 3D mobile billboards is the compelling visual message that leaves a lasting impression. It allows for a form of creativity and artistic expression that no other medium offers. A 3D mobile billboard is essentially a moving piece of art that delivers a message that creates an immediate and lasting impact on the audience. Additionally, Mobile Billboards will not be ignored and can get quality exposure (during prime time) at multiple location, delivering a diverse audience for the advertiser. offers traditional high-res printed banners, simple 2-D extensions to elaborate 3-D elements with moving parts and LED lighting effects. Like anything else, the bigger the budget the more expressive and impressive the outcome of the project will be. However, you will be amazed at what we can do with smaller budgets. With your creative input and our in-house production staff, we can collaborate on a design that will turn heads and greatly improve your bottom line. For further information on our creative process, please contact Russell, my company’s Production Manager at Thanks!

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