Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eye-popping custom fabricated billboards stand out from the crowd!

Our company's fleet of mobile billboards were deliberately designed to carry extra weight to offer the creative advantage for attaching custom 2D or 3D elements.

At Billboards2Go.com we strive to be your first choice for quality turn-key mobile billboard media solutions. In doing so, we are proud to announce that our production service is now offering unique design presentation opportunities.

To get noticed these days, advertisers often need to go to the next level to capture the more distracted, hard-to-please audience. When you need to command attention, we’re your front row ticket to success. Our talented design team can translate your concepts into a bold 2D or 3D mobile billboard, creating an eye-popping memorable experience for your audience. With as little as a small 2D extension designed to enrich a standard 10’ x 22’ board (as shown above with the Jagermeister bottle) or mind-blowing 3D elements, we have the skills to meet your conceptual demands and production budgets.

Our Custom Resources Include - but are not limited to:

Simple 2D Extensions, Large Vacuum-formed Elements, Custom Fiberglass Structures, LED Enhancements, Moving Mechanical Elements, Scent Dispensing Technology, Large Scratch-N-Sniff Areas, Theatrical Smoke, Continuous Bubbles, Amplified Sound and Local FM Radio Broadcasting

Our expert team knows how to produce a look that will last while parked for stationary display or in transit up to 60 mph down a highway. And with our exclusive telescoping billboard technology your message will be even more eye-catching.

It’s easy and straight-forward: Our clients submit a flat mock-up of their design and a portion is recreated into an attention–grabbing 2D or 3D enhancement that stands out from the rest of the board.

Your project deserves the most creative implementation possible and we’re ready to quote a custom fabricated project that will turn a lot of heads for a rate that is affordable. We can execute the whole experience from conception to installation in a matter of a few weeks or less, depending on the extent of the enhancements.

Let your imagination soar with the possibilities and let's make it happen!

Additional resources about 3D billboards Link

Monday, July 8, 2013

Got Speed?

New York City is well known as a gritty and tough place to grow up and make it. “If you can make there, I’ll make it anywhere” as Frank Sinatra famously crooned, is words of wisdom. Now, I’m sure many of you can relate to the hustle-n-bustle of being in the advertising business in this town, especially if you commute in and out of here every day. For myself I’ve been working in Manhattan for over 25 years and I’m still not use to all of its insanity. That’s where drag racing comes in for me. To some it’s a loud and useless sport and to others it’s a symphony of mans’ achievements in engineering. With a mechanical engineering background and a self described “motor-head” I fall on the latter side of the argument.

What’s the thrill of drag racing? Foremost, many people love the excitement of cars racing down a track, but fewer know just how these machines work. From horsepower of the engine, weight of the car, friction of the road, to air resistance, all of these aspects can be explained by physics when broken down into their various components. The thrill for me is born out of a combination of manipulating the shear horsepower, the high decibels and a competitive spirit.

As our race team’s active crew chief, drag racing has given me an outlet to make some noise, take advantage of my mechanical skills and have a little unique fun away from the hectic schedule of the media business. When my team and I arrive at a track we concentrate on one mission and that is to safely win races. In order to do that there are literally hundreds of variables that go into a successful run. From a well tuned engine to a focused driver, everything needs to be synchronized like a Swiss clock.

The atmosphere at the race track is thick and intense. Our racing category puts us up against seasoned professionals traveling over 150 mph in a matter of a few seconds. There’s little room for error and “safety” is our mantra. When our team driver Russell Arthur was a kid he was convinced that one day he was going to become an Astronaut. Although he was only about eight years old at the time his dream has gotten a little closer to being fulfilled. Now as a professional race car driver (and our graphic and production manager) he has gained the insight of what it must feel like for an astronaut at launch time. At the starting line of a race he experiences the intense g-force that is comparable to a rocket’s lift off.

To sum up this article I would like to add that drag racing is an art, albeit loud, the noise is music to my ears. If you would like to see the Billboards2Go.com racing team in action, you’ll find us at Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ this coming July 28th. The events are the 34th Annual Old Time Drags & Rod Run and the11th Annual Funny Car Reunion. Besides racing in the event we’re sponsoring the “Jungle Jim Award” for the best burn out. If you don’t know who Jungle Jim was or what a burn out is, don’t worry… you’ll have a blast anyway if you show up. The doors open at 8am.

Lastly, a good tip: bring hearing protection, a hat and a bottle of water.