Wednesday, November 14, 2012


In the world of outdoor advertising, consistency is like a scorecard that the consumers keep in their heads. People know that advertising is expensive, so the more a company advertises, the more successful it must be. And the more successful it is, the more it means that other people must be choosing it.

Your brand or special event can benefit from this power of positive momentum. Through your initial advertising efforts, people will learn that that you exist. With repeated exposure, they'll learn that you're stable. With even more repeated exposure, they'll assume you're successful— after all, based on your ability to sustain an advertising campaign, shows the public that you’re offering a trusted, successful, and reliable product.

It’s a given that long term sustained advertising is the key to influencing the consumer. The specific design and content of your ads is, of course, of vital importance as well— but what's true of your career, of sports, and of life in general also holds true of advertising: never underestimate the power of simply showing up. Just being in view of your potential audience can mean the difference between success and failure for your marketing project.

Showing up with a large “elevating” double-sided mobile billboard is the best way to get your message seen by a huge audience. With relatively little lead time and tremendous marketing flexibility; our mobile billboards are an affordable media option. To best utilize my company’s mobile billboard advertising, put yourself in the place of the viewer. A majority of this type of media will be viewed from an automobile, so get in your car and drive, but this time look around and see how you view things. We’ve all heard the “rule” about billboards: no more than seven words, right? Keep that in mind as you drive through town. How much will you remember that is contained in the form of a word-driven message? And what if one of those seven magic words is a phone number? Do you have a pad of paper and pen handy to jot it down? It’s not likely that many people will, and the number will be forgotten when the light changes to green.

What you will remember from your encounter with outdoor advertising is your immediate impression: a few clear visual cues that stay in your eye and mind. Whatever you expect the public to carry away from this encounter, it needs to be simple.

Simple does not mean ineffective- quite the opposite, a well designed billboard will encourage the consumer into action. From driving directly to a store sale or remembering a political candidate during Election Day, your mobile billboard message can be a primary motivational source. But that doesn’t have to mean unsophisticated. Less, when carefully thought through and selected for specific impact, really can be more elegant, more refined, and most importantly, more successful. Conversely, insisting upon “getting more for your money” by including more and more information, can actually weaken the impact of your advertising and create a clumsy impression. I personally have argued with many a client that they are over doing the copy. Often I am successful in being able to scale back the message but other times I’m not. My best suggestion is when it comes to mobile billboards “keep it short and simple.”

Lastly, do not hesitate to call us with any design questions. We have been in the outdoor advertising business long enough to be considered an expert resource. We can work with your art directly, modify your design to get maximum impact or create something brand new from scratch. Either way, you’ll end up with a professionally produced advertisement shown on the largest mobile billboards in the country.  800-772-7539