Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Outdoor Media Buyers,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Thank you for considering our media service. To show our thanks we are offering a set of mobile billboard advertising banners as a FREE GIFT to you (with any 5 consecutive day or more campaign in the north eastern New Jersey market. ) That's a huge savings and a great way to start the new year with effective exposure for your brand, business or special event. 

To take advantage of this gift, please book your mobile billboard ad campaign before January 30th, 2015. *Offer may be used anytime within the next six months.

We hope you're ready for another big year ahead. Wishing you great success and happiness in 2015!!

Best Regards,
Andrew Miller, VP

*Some restrictions may apply. Contact Andrew Miller for further details.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Mobile Billboard for a Montel Williams TV Commercial

According to many, If you can make it in New York, you should be able to make it anywhere. That's because New York is the most dynamic and competitive city in the world, at least that is what the "Global City Competitiveness Index" states. Other cities ranking high on the list include London and Paris.

While the sheer size of New York's economy may play a part in its high ranking, the index takes a variety of factors into account, including a city's quality of life, human capital, as well as its business and regulatory environment. Although it should, the ranking does not specifically account for the heavy traffic throughout most of the city’s roads. Everyone knows the traffic in New York City is appalling. You have to deal with crazy taxis, buses and trucks and seemingly suicidal bikers and pedestrians. Keep in mind that pedestrians will cross wherever and whenever they want.

The story of New York is unarguably one about its people: who they are, where they reside and work, how they live and play. New York City offers incomparable museums, attractions, restaurants, hotels, theaters, entertainment and shopping. The amount of visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2013 was 54.3 million and they spent a whopping $38.8 billion.

Now that I painted a vivid picture of New York, in particular Manhattan, you need to imagine working here. In this town, “time is money” -  a term coined by Benjamin Franklin. Imagine again that you are going to shoot a TV commercial in Midtown at Columbus Circle by the Time Warner building. The sheer logistics is overwhelming and the red tape extensive! For the producer (in this case, the legendary TV talk show host, Montel Williams) the stakes are extremely high. You have a certain window of opportunity to get it right the first time. With a huge crew, many extras and lots of equipment costing a small fortune, the need for everything to go smoothly as clockwork is a prerequisite.

That is where comes in… The TV commercial shot this past month called for a large billboard to be the backdrop of the event as well as driving around the city (as shown in the photo above.) A custom fabricated display with several lighted mirror stations stood at the base of the truck . This is where the “ordinary women off the street” would try the advertised beauty product “Derm Exclusive.” The commercial took three days to shoot and lasted several hours each day. The billboard featured Dr. Andrew Ordon, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon and TV Host.

Why opposed to another mobile billboard vendor? The reason is simple; offers a top quality product and service at competitive rates. Besides the fact that we use specially designed billboards that may elevate the sign frames for extra exposure, our high resolution printing capacity is perfect for up close presentations. Our reputation as a turnkey, reliable business partner who is familiar with the Manhattan market was also a key contributing factor to participating in the Montel Williams project.

When the stakes are high and the time is of the essence, delivers!  Montel Williams found that working with was a smart move. We contributed to the overall success of the project by being on time and ready to work as promised. The director of the commercial, Chris Strand was quite impressed with our presentation and stated the billboard looked fantastic and he would be happy to work with us again… Chock up another satisfied customer! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Domino’s Pizza Brings Their Recruiting Efforts To The Busy Streets of New York City

Domino’s Pizza Corporate hired in May of 2014 as a part of their marking strategy for a job recruitment effort. With a bold and clever mobile billboard advertisement stating Domino’s can put “dough in your pocket” - the billboard unit successfully targeted specific neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx recruiting for Delivery Drivers, Bikers and Assistant Managers. is proud to work with a fast food innovator and powerhouse like Domino’s Pizza. Each day, more than 1 million customers enjoy hot, delicious Domino’s Pizza products on every inhabited continent on Earth.  Domino’s Pizza operates over 10,000 stores in more than 70 countries. For Domino’s to turn to for assistance with their recruiting effort shows they understand that is a trusted and effective media source to the food industry.

Over the past decade, has worked with a variety of companies from retail, financial, automotive and entertainment; but food brands have always been the most critical when it comes to presentation. That is why many top companies in the food industry consistently rely on to represent their brands to the public with new, state-of-the-art mobile billboards.

Another unique aspect of the Domino’s Pizza ad message was a tag line “Enter “billboard” as your referral source to get a free cake on your next order.” The clever additional copy helped identify the effectiveness of the media placement and execution on the client’s side. As far as effectiveness, the Domino’s Pizza executive who hired said after the campaign completion that the mobile billboard recruitment effort was very successful and working with the staff has been a wonderful experience. What’s better than that!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Gambling on the Super Bowl with a Mobil Billboard Campaign


            Gambling on was no gamble at all. As it turned out the NJ state sponsored gambling addiction hot line and help center took a shot on the Super Bowl and won big time.
The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey hired to run their first-ever mobile billboard awareness campaign. According to the CCGNJ organization’s “Information Specialist” Alice Ostapiuk, the mobile billboard they hired for a seven consecutive day campaign during the Super Bowl week was a true success. When the Gambler mobile billboard campaign ended, Alice said to Andrew Miller, VP of Billboards2Go, “Thank you for a job very well done, it looked great and many people saw our mobile billboard.”

The billboard was part of the Council’s campaign to call attention to the help available through the 1-800-GAMBLER helpline for sports bettors with gambling problems. Between January 28 and February 3, 2014, the billboard traveled a route around Bergen, Hudson, Essex, and adjoining areas, highlighting exposure to the local hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, business districts, commuter hubs as well as bumper-to-bumper traffic on major roadways. On Super Bowl Sunday, the mobile billboard traveled around the Met Life Stadium area as well as the above mentioned venues.

The Council was seeking to reach some of the estimated 35,000 NJ residents who are believed to be compulsive or problem gamblers who bet on sports. “Our message is that there is hope and help for this treatable addiction. With the Super Bowl being in NJ and the increasing availability of gambling opportunities in our State, there is a need to get out information to gamblers and families who may be struggling on their own.”

Typically, only deep-pocketed brands can afford Super Bowl placed advertising — as most media professionals know, a 30-second TV spot costs about $4 million, not including the cost that goes into developing an ad, securing a star if necessary, and producing it. However, considering the added amount of people coming into the area during the several days surrounding Super Bowl week, it was an outstanding economical opportunity for a select few brands to advertise with a mobile billboard campaign. According to the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl XLVIII host committee, visitors to the area have spent an average of $600 per person per day during the 10-day period surrounding the game and brought in over 600 million dollars to the local NJ/NYC economy.

CCGN was not the only non-profit organization with Super Bowl ad aspirations. also ran several different mobile billboards for “” Founded in 2010, Choose New Jersey is a part of the state’s award-winning economic development organization; The Partnership for Action which consists of Choose New Jersey, the New Jersey Business Action Center, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the Commission on Higher Education. Together, they nurture economic growth throughout the state by attracting jobs and investment.
The “for-profit” organization, “Stevin Singer Jewelers” also took advantage of the influx of spectators to the area with two mobile billboard units. One promoting a Valentine’s message “They’re Real and They’re Spectacular” referencing the gold dipped roses available at their Philadelphia store as well as on-line. The second mobile billboard displayed a more general message promoting their web site, The ad design was similar to the ubiquitous black and white billboards known to many in the Philadelphia area as the widely controversial as well as a successful media campaign started by owner Steven Singer over ten years ago.

              To sum up this article about the Super Bowl week exposure with a mobile billboard, one thing comes to mind…value! The quality exposure generated during the seven days surrounding the Nation’s biggest sports event was priceless. With approximately 500 square feet of advertising space traveling to the most populated areas such as Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City and Manhattan, the advertisers received a great deal of bang for their media buck. For a fraction of the cost of tradition media, delivered a genuine Super 
Bowl audience for their clients.