Wednesday, September 19, 2012


When comparing Us to Them [our competition], we are hands-down the most professional and stylish company offering this type of mobile media. Although our rates are very competitive you may always find a slightly cheaper rate if doing a lot of shopping around. For example, you get our quote first and then have another company try to match it or maybe do a little better. If you’re only looking for the best price, that method works just fine. But what you get with Billboards-2Go you will not find with any other mobile billboard vendor out there.

We are not the fly-by-night single truck operators with sloppy looking trucks who park in their home driveway. We are a totally seasoned professional company with a large fleet of impeccably maintained mobile billboard trucks. We know a lot about truck maintenance because not only do we have a large indoor maintenance garage, truck fabrication shop, graphics and printing shop, we sponsor our own 8 second NHRA Championship dragster. So, we really know how critical it is to maintain mechanical equipment in top-notch condition. Please visit for more info on our race car.

Comparing “apples to apples” - all mobile billboards are not created the same. Yes many of them offer the streamlined narrow sign frames. All except Billboards2Go have their signs fasten to the truck chassis. Only Billboards2Go can elevate their large 10’x22’ signs up to 18 feet high, attracting a much larger viewing audience. Our advertising banners are stretched tight-as-a-drum on the frames and are printed with a solid high-resolution output with optional 2D and 3D features available. With about 500 square feet of prime advertising space per unit, your message is guaranteed to get incredible exposure in your most desired target market.

Our business model is refined and streamlined to offer the smoothest running mobile billboard service available in the USA. We strive to make every experience with our company one that is truly rewarding for our clients. We offer the best equipment (with our large elevating billboard trucks), outstanding printing quality with our large format printing machines, fast turn-around, and most importantly… our drivers are knowledgeable about getting the best exposure for our clients’ advertisements. They never hide their trucks when they are on the job. They know that the clients have access to GPS tracking that shows the exact position 24/7. The drivers always search out the best exposure opportunities available in any given market and give 110% to their job.

Lastly, the next time you are looking to hire a mobile billboard company – remember there is a lot more to a campaign than just getting a cheap rate. Quality exposures mean that you will get a better response to your message. Your ad dollars will get a better Return On Investment with saving you money on media and making you more money with a better response to your ad.

To find out more why it pays 2Go with the pros... call me, Andrew Miller VP at 800-772-7539