Saturday, October 20, 2012


When image is everything, Billboards-2Go is a mobile billboard company top New York television networks rely on. Billboards-2Go specializes in providing an exemplary mobile billboard service for one day events through multi-month advertising campaigns. This is the reason high profile TV shows like the CBS Rachael Ray Show and the very popular ABC cooking show “The Chew” calls on Billboards-2Go to help them promote their events.Both networks hired Billboards-2Go this past October 2012 to be a part of the actual episodes.

For CBS, Tyra Banks pulled up to the entrance of the Rachael Ray show and hopped out of the billboard truck's passenger side to surprise an audience guest waiting on the sidewalk line to see a beauty makeover show. Little did the unsuspecting guest know, she was the target of the makeover. It was a shock for her to see her “before” photo supersized on the side of the truck, especially with Tyra calling out her name with a megaphone.

For ABC, The Chew show; they used the large sign of the mobile billboard featuring their Chew logo as a backdrop to their outdoor street barbeque episode. In both cases for extra publicity, the mobile billboard was filmed driving around Manhattan before and after the television shoot.

The producers of TV entertainment certainly understand that it is imperative to work with the best mobile billboard company available. Billboards-2Go’s well maintained equipment and Swiss Clock like service performs to their stringent needs. When the stakes are as high as they are with professional TV shoots there is no room for error and Billboards-2Go consistently presents a high quality service.

Please give Billboards-2Go a call to see how they may be of service for your special event, film shoot or standard advertising campaign at 800-772-7539.

 The mobile billboard used in the Rachael Ray Show in October 2012

I'm in the Billboard Truck along with Super Model Tyra Banks on the set of the Rachael Ray Show

Tyra Banks looking sexy while being filmed for the Rachael Ray Show

The Chew mobile billboard in Time Square NYC in October 2012

The Chew mobile billboard in the background of the outdoor TV episode.