Monday, May 20, 2013

Targeted OOH Ad Placement Adds Cachet to Autobody Shop’s Image

According to Wikipedia, "Targeted advertising is a type of advertising whereby ads are placed so as to reach consumers based on various traits such as demographics, psychographics, and behavioral variables. Furthermore, "Alternative advertising provides a way to address consumers in places they may not expect."

The two statements above succinctly describe the impact of a well place mobile billboard unit. On that note, I would like to add that the “effectiveness multiplier” is a well crafted graphic ad design. The following press release describes the perfect combination of creative and logistical factors that go into a successful media campaign.

On Saturday May 18th, 2013 displayed a mobile billboard unit at the Hot Rods and Harleys car show. The annual show takes place in the quaint town of Rahway, New Jersey. Lined up on every street, literally taking over much of the downtown area there were hundreds of classic cars, muscle cars, and race cars. In addition, motorcycles of every type, including lots of brand new demo Harleys, all available for the thousands of spectators to see, touch and enjoy.

Although the weather was a little overcast with a few short sprinkles, the large crowd still made the best of the situation and devoured the various fair staples such as hot dogs, ice-cream, kettle popcorn and mozzarella corn cakes. With several live bands throughout the event playing a mix of rock tunes, a live ballet show on a mobile stage and other exciting entertainment, the free car show was the perfect venue for a local Maaco autobody advertisement on a mobile billboard.

Billboards2Go additionally displayed their dragster race car next to the Maaco mobile billboard. The dragster affectionately named “Berserk” was a real crowd pleaser. About every hour on the hour the Berserk race team started the loud and powerful engine and revved it up for a few minutes. The demonstration attracted a large crowd enhancing the effectiveness of the Maaco billboard’s placement. A Maaco employee took advantage of the increased number of spectators brought over by the dragster and handed out plenty of $50 savings coupons.

The photo attached show the Maaco mobile billboard boomed-up to about 18 feet high. The unique and exclusively designed mobile billboards are available only through The huge double-sided sign with a tall rear banner gives an advertiser about 500 square feet of usable ad space. Unlike the more standard looking mobile billboard signs that are stuck to their truck's chassis the exposure advantage of a 18 foot high billboard is obvious. It was seen from hundreds of feet away with little obstruction giving the advertiser an extra boost of exposure. The synergy between the thousands of car enthusiasts and the autobody client was perfect. Reaching this captive audience with a message that resonates was the goal for the ad placement.

The bold and effective Maaco ad design was created, printed and finished in-house by and will be used for other targeted events throughout the next few months. There is never a storage or re-posting cost charged to the client for future ad campaigns. Having the banners in storage saves the client money and enables a quick reposting for future events.

For the most reliable, affordable and effective mobile billboard service in the USA, there is only one name to remember…